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UPDATE:  I apologize but you may have to delete your history cache in your search engine to get rid of the malware that sends you porn.  Maybe not.  My tech advisor wrote: Browser cache can be tricky sometimes and not cleaning up and going away quickly. The site is definitely fixed in regards to the hack, Google will stop showing that it is hacked in the listings after a day or so. As for Sally’s computer, not sure if it is hers being hacked (I doubt it) .  I am sure it is a cache issue. I’m not familiar with Windows so I’m not sure what else to suggest you do.  Try here: it might be of help for your browser just in case you missed a step.

(SOooooooo……..MAYBE) You are now gluten-free, preservative-free, sugar-free and finally hack-free! The little malware leech has been removed from my server.  No more porn!  At least NOT for me (I am saying that like it is a good thing). Which it is…really…..I mean….well, it was kind of a fun surprise…for a minute…OK, two minutes…..

The extra weird thing was that the porn-sites changed!  I saw what made me freak, and so I did a lot of admin stuff…then went back and it was still porn but from a different source and so I went and read up on how to find the malware, wrote some help-me emails and, after a bit went and checked again.  It was still there but now Japanese anime porn.

So, it strikes me that the little malware program was simply not about porn at all. Why? Because after I had been afflicted for a day, I got a Microsoft Virus Bulletin telling me to phone a special 800 number to get my computer cleaned up.  I didn’t. It’s phony.  Spam.   But my techies told me that call was the primary goal of the malware.  They wanted to try to con me into crap and steal information in some way. The porn was just to get my attention.

Why would they think that would work?

But it must be replicating so you may have the same bug.  Sal has it.  So we erased her history but she still had it so we are erasing some other crap……

CAUTION – we may STILL be hacked but I don’t think so – not at the server level, anyway.  Sal just tried it and got porned again so she thinks we still are.  Me and the techies think it is now in her computer as cached history.  What I did was go in to her computer and deleted her browsing history for the last week.  THAT may do it.  I have also asked my techies…..more to follow…..

They just answered: “Yea, most likely your computer cache (search history) is still showing the weird one-redirects. Site is loading fine for me and for a couple others I asked to test.”

History:  First warning yesterday:  WARNING!!!  I have been hacked…or maybe Google has been hacked……I don’t quite know.

If you are subscribed to then you should have no problem.  If you type in the URL to your search engine, you should also encounter no problems but you might. If you go that route, do not click the obvious top suggestion! BECAUSE IF YOU SEARCH for the site on Google, you will get misdirected various forms of PORN sites.

A quick check found few of them related to off the grid or politics.  Well, maybe Anthony Weiner was featured in there somewhere but I didn’t look too closely.

Sadly, this misdirection will not increase numbers to my site.  The extra numbers are going to the porn sites.  I just see no upside for me.  In fact, I saw a lot of bottom-side.  From a variety of angles.  This is NOT good.

I do not know what to advise.  I have asked my techie son to address it.  Seems misdirection to porn sites is a common hack.  I read about it on Google forums.  The hackers somehow attach a hidden access file somewhere and when you type in your desired URL you get desire but not of the political and rambling off the grid kind.

I am upset  I can’t complete with that.  Even my best blog can’t compete with giant penises and skinny naked women.  I am not so sure I can even compete with cute kitten photos and flowers, to be honest.

This may be Dave’s blog swan song……………….going out in a tawdry, kinky bent, like all old men…..disgusting……reviled… sad…..all we ever really wanted was to be loved… all the wrong ways, perhaps, but loved nevertheless…..

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12 thoughts on “Off the grid porn

  1. In a shady part of town it seemed that there was little to gain by beaking at a guy who was probably;y high and running his mouth.

    • Thanks, Margy. Sal and I have decided not to post a video to make up for any loss. In both cases, you wouldn’t be missing much, anyway.
      Trump over the top again today…His CPac speech was cringe worthy. . I predict more Trumpesque draconian moves and chaos response eventually. Glad we’re coming home.

      • Kelly Leech will top it all if she gets in. She has more letters after her name so get used to President Leech. Be a fly on the wall where working men gather and listen to the fear of immigrants. Shocking!

        • Fear of the ‘other’ is natural. Primal survival technique #1. I don’t blame them for being ignorant and afraid. I blame the Trump types for exploiting that fear and promoting that ignorance. A year spent traveling is one of the easiest ways to understand and accept the ‘other’. Sadly, a very small percentage of people get to travel in a REAL way (Club Med does not count). Live with Bolivians, Thais and ‘Mericans, reside in Greece, Britain and Germany, visit France, Hong Kong and Africa….you come away changed. And much more knowledgeable. Most dickheads and buttheads are NOT deep-in-the-bone haters or mean people. They are just afraid of what they don’t know and, if you fill your head with TV, you basically know nothing.

          • Went to a church bazaar sale today and stood in line listening to the most purile venomous drivel spewed about the imminent end of the white race as the zombies attack our Canadian values. If xenophobia is the value at risk Canada faces profound challenges. Kelly has letters after her name.

          • Glad it wasn’t me there….I would have spoken up (pretty safe to speak up at a church) and said, “That’s just plain wrong. You are making a mistake in saying that. Would you like to know better or would you prefer to live in ignorance?” I think we have to at least say, “I disagree.” That’s sufficient. For evil to be done, good people only need do nothing.

    • Seems my host server was hacked by way of my site and they are now fixing it. In a way, it was too bad. I discovered it in bed last night while reading. I showed Sal (who was also reading). She was horrified. We shrieked together. It was strangely intimate.

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