The Trump Effect

Firstly, I readily admit that there are a lot of real and direct effects as a result of the Donald being elected. And it is NOT my intention to list them all. Or any of the ones that affect the larger American or global population.  The NY Times can do that.  The Trump effect I am talking about is the one he has on me.  It’s personal.  I didn’t think it would be.

But it is.  Tomorrow is our provincial election and I am feeling measurably depressed and apathetic about it.  And I blame Trump. If there are that many people in the US of A and a corresponding number in BC (and France) who think like him, act like him and value what he represents, I have lost all hope in the majority of people to be human, caring, tolerant and working for the greater good.

I say ‘majority’ because, after all, he won the election even though we know that it was NOT a majority in the truest sense. But that basic fact of his victory is still truly and deeply depressing – not because of him so much – but because of the now visibly large numbers of those he represents.  These are angry, bitter, cynical and ugly people who care little for others – especially ‘different’ others.

I have not lost ALL hope, of course.  If that were the case, I’d just end it.  But I have lost a lot of hope, faith and trust in a populace and system that, though flawed, seemed to keep us all generally aimed in the right direction.  Mostly.  Admittedly, it was two steps forward and 1.9 steps back but there was some progress. I think.  Mankind seemed to be getting better.  A bit.

Maybe not.  Maybe I was just fooling myself.  Maybe all the progress I saw was quietly being erased by the destruction wrought on the planet and the increased exploitation of the masses but those are larger hard-to-grasp issues and the ones I saw on a daily basis seemed a smidge more positive.  With the grim realization that Trump-ets and Marine Le Pen-ites are on the ascendancy, it feels much more like we are heading in the wrong direction.

Our incumbent premier is a Trumpet crumpet (written that way primarily because it is all so onomatopoeic) and she represents all that is bigoted, biased and ignorant in BC but, admittedly, at a subtler level than Bluster Trump, the original orange clown.  She has been revealed as a corrupt, incompetent and bald-faced liar but she’ll likely get back in.  A great number of people WANT her to represent them.  How is that even possible?

How is that even possible???? 

I do NOT get it.

Again, I have to admit that my optimism had been crushed many years ago and was, and still is, one of the reasons I now live off the grid.  I feel that I am now very much removed from much of the lying, cheating and hypocrisy that passes for life-as-we-know-it in the urban world.  OTG just feels better.  I think OTG is better.  But OTG is also a retreat, a resignation and a vote of surrender.  It is not fighting the good fight.  It is not adding to the greater good.

Why let Trump affect me?  Why give up?  Why feel that way?  Well, Trump seems to be a harbinger.  He is NOT the little canary dying in the coal mine, he is Big Bird opening up the coal mine.  He is Hitler-esque in a trend-indicating kind of way.  His very presence is not a good sign.  His victory as a politician is a terrible sign.  Harper was also a very bad sign.  Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilder, Brexit and Brietbart are all bad signs.  Why are we heading that way?

The world may indeed be headed for Hell in a hand basket.

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26 thoughts on “The Trump Effect

  1. Proof, I want proof. The FBI is investigating and in time it will be known the extent of its findings. The amount of smoke around this issue complicates the narrative. It seems that when one takes a highly reactive response in the moment by saying whatever comes to one’s mind even if it contradicts what one previously had said then more smoke results. Perhaps the ever changing stories are part of a strategy to produce confusion. Is it confusion by design or done unwittingly? The media is working hard to rebut accusations of ‘false news or fake news’ that seem intent on undermining news reports and reporters. I’m sure that a consistent unwavering narrative that does not alter will attract more believers than narrative that leaves a trail of stories that can be easily shown to be false.

    • Bigot defined as”intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.” False news, fake news some would claim it is protected speech others see it is bigotry.

      • In that definition, I am a bigot. I am intolerant of those who believe all Muslims are terrorists, all Mexicans are rapists and climate change can be ignored. I am further intolerant of lying, cheating, dissembling, obfuscating and total stupidity. Frankly, I am somewhat intolerant of greedy pigs hiding under the cloak of doing business, too. The more I look around, the more bigotry I have to confess. My bad.

  2. I’m a US citizen who enjoys your blog. All I want to do is to thank you for your thoughts in “The Trump Effect” which I think are extremely well stated. I am sharing your words with everyone I know, as I could never have verbalized those thoughts (realities) as well as you have.

    • Thanks, Amy. And know this: we have lots of American friends and even (gasp!) some who voted Trump. There are a lot of good people down there. But our friends who voted Trump did so to get change happening and they just fell for the wrong pitch-man. They got conned. And the majority didn’t fall for it. So my point: America can fix this. It may take four years but they can fix this mistake if they do not allow the ardent Trumpists to rise any further. Already some are abandoning ship. My biggest fear is that Americans tend to support their government in war time and war is what American foreign policy is built on. Trump may go to war and then the dark side will win. Be careful down there.

    • I wish I could. I sense it. I think it. And the uber politically correct are convinced of it but, except for racial profiling charges levied decades ago when he was managing rental properties, I have no direct proof. Even his bigoted sounding anti-muslim rhetoric could be interpreted as simply anti-terrorism talk by someone supportive. Appointing Jeff Sessions hints of it. The KKK supporters hint of it. His preference for Jewish accountants sounds a bit like it but, if you require personal hard proof able to withstand courtroom standards, I cannot provide it. He and I would not hang out together. I’d go on my instincts and reject him as a friend. So no hard proof from me.

  3. The smile of enamelled self assurance was humming the song “Dream Weaver,” as she choked back the tears.

  4. FBI Director James Comey fired by Trump in the midst of an on-going investigation into Trump’s alleged collusion with Putin. WTF! What will become of on going criminal investigations by the FBI? ” Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!”

    • You’ll have a better answer after the next director is chosen. This is a bold move on Trump’s part. Comey misspoke and gets fired while there is an ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the US election. Gutsy move DT. Even Trumpists have to wonder about that. And, so what if he misspoke about Wieners emails? That case is closed. Dead. He should have said ‘backed up on hardrives’ vs ‘sent to Wiener’. ….? This is worthy of termination? I think that the hyenas were waiting for a slipup. This fell into play. Now the Russian thing gets handed to a team player. Doesn’t matter how this plays out, the FBI, the White House and any investigation is left smelling like a sewer. And rightly so.

      • The beginning of Trumps impeachment?
        Undue influence in an FBI investigation?
        One can only hope.

        • I doubt it. That’s why the recommendation came from the AG. Sessions is part of the swamp. If they don’t get him on the emoluments clause, they won’t get him. And who is ‘they’? The Republicans have the House and the Senate. Impeachment needs both.

      • “By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes.” How now my black and secret hags what is it that you do?” “A deed without a name.” Macbeth.

        • Trump’s bodyguard delivered the letter to Comey in person. Shades of Nixon. ‘ A president who thinks he is above the law?’ Death spiral?

          • The letter was delivered to his office but he was in California. He also got it electronically, but actually found out from the media.
            Comey doesn’t seem too concerned, he knew he overstepped his authority by recommending no prosecution of Clinton (he was only to investigate and gather evidence).
            Seems to me that other presidents fired their Directors. No big deal then, why is this one different?

          • This one is different due to the optics (Russian connections investigation) and the little lies surrounding the announcement. Is it different ‘enough’ to set our hair on fire? It’s close. Sessions had to recuse himself. Flynn is turning. Manafort is hip deep in Russia. The list of possible conflicts of interest is lengthy. And Trump denials are never he has a long history of lying and misdirection, dissembling and using fiction to explain his actions. Direct and honest he is not. So…..are all presidents direct and honest? History says no. But he is definitely the least credible so far. He’s worse than Nixon on the TRUST ME scale.

  5. I’m not sure if Trump is to blame for the seemly hopelessness of the BC vote.
    I think Trump is the RESULT of voter angst against a democratic system that has failed us.
    I looked at Russia back when they had their breif burst of freedom and watched in disbelief and horror at the speed at which it turned into a greedy, corrupt failed experiment in democracy.
    Are we in the west destined to the same fate? A slow motion repeat of the Russian meltdown?
    When the public have no respect for their leadership or the opposition. When they have lost all respect for the legal system. When they see the economic disparity of the 1% and the rest of us and the loss of hope….what do we get?
    Rainbows and lollipops? Hardly.
    People are very very angry at the status quo and Trump was the result.
    I’m just amazed that the BC election has turned into the same boring mindless, “promise everything to everyone” rhetoric.
    The voters arent buying it and THATS why they will resign themselves to another 4 years of the devil they know rather than another boring career politician with a pocket full of IOU’s that come due on May 10th.
    Its a shame the NDP STILL havnt figured that out.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Trump depressed ME because he is an indicator of a system failed or at least failing a large portion of people. He did not cause my disappointment in him. His predecessors did. Why can’t we have leaders we respect? Why can’t respected people lead? Has merit based democracy been hijacked by the party system? When did greed and corruption become the main reasons to participate in politics? Where are the good guys?

      • I remember an article/editorial by Alan Fotheringham in macLean’s magazine about 25 years ago.
        He lamented the loss of the “average man” in politics.
        He described the new breed of politician as a “Lawyer, Doctor, or rich business man only interested in furthering their personal contacts and wealth……”
        What we are seeing with the internet is the common mans realization of how corrupt the system has become.
        No one trusts a politician and for good reason.
        Everyone elected owes someone a favour.
        Democracy will die a death of a thousand cuts while capitalist China’s “communism” will thrive………if their own corruption doesnt eat them from the inside out first.
        Democracy …..promising everything to everyone even when you know its impossible.
        “Bike routes for the visible minority, physically impaired transgendered!” has a nice ring to it…..maybe I should be on Gregors’ reelection team.

        • If you are a white male with a 3 digit IQ, you are not eligible to join the team. Mind you, if you are anyone with a 3 digit IQ, why would you apply? Having said that, I’d vote for bike routes for the visually impaired trans gendered. C’mon! I don’t watch TV. But I’d watch that! Hell! I’d watch re-runs of that.

  6. From a deeply optimistic point of view acquired during a teaching career of nearly forty years of watching the flourishing of youth, unequivocally Mr comb-over is a distraction in the general scheme of things. In the world of CEOs, he is a ‘broom’ ! After he leaves little of what he has said or done will endure. As a broom he has in his view, ‘a disastrous mess to clean up.’ But as a broom he will fail. As a contrarian he’ll oppose and oppose without a plan to improve life for the average person. Highly reactive polical views ever changing reveals him as standing for nothing in essence irrelevant. The exercise of influence requires the consent of those that are the target of the attempt to influence. Exorcise him because without a following he is impotent.

    • I agree to an extent. If it was just him, I would agree fully. It’s just that there seems to be a bit of a trend, a legitimizing of bigotry and elitism, an acceptance of right-wingism. Them and us seems to be growing. And it scares me. I, personally, am not as left as I sometimes sound. Green ain’t left. I am not a believer in big government, for instance. I disparage the nanny-state-think that suggests that mass transit and subsidized child care is a good thing (sometimes necessary but never good). And, as you know, I am no longer urban centric. I know of very few people who think all Muslims are bad, that the rich need tax breaks, that we all need to be armed and, at the same time, policed to the nines. I know of some right-leaning free-enterprise types but they are primarily just wanting to be rich. They don’t wanna hurt anyone. So, where does this hatred and sense of privilege hide? Why don’t I see those people? Where are the BC Brietbarts? Do they all live in gated communities and hide indoors while fondling their money and guns?

      • There is patronizing tone afoot that pervades the ethos of the political discourses in our province that posits a hierarchy of the political parties. At the bottom is the one issue party, second is the party of some good ideas but no plan to pay for them and the natural ruling party. The NRP is scandal ridden but what is alternative? And so the narrative goes and is repeated in the press. Both the Sun and the Province endorse the NRP because this campaign is low energy and no issues have emerged that warrant media coverage. Not poverty, not housing, not living wages, not the environment, not corporate welfare, not the doctor shortage, not the spate of drug deaths, in fact there is nothing that the NRP need address. It is this ethos that has been cultivated, including the myth that the NRP runs balanced budgets, except the province is running a tab. It is ironic that the debt smear only applies to the some good ideas party. Who associates debt with the NRP? The CEO who stands pat and make no changes is called a “maintenance leader.” SSDY. That’s why it seems hope has been sucked out of our province. Slogan, “We guarantee inequality!”

        • Well now, you sound somewhat dispirited, too. One bright spot: bigger than usual early voter turnout. That usually suggests change. I am clinging to this: NDP and LIBs virtually tie. Greens win enough to hold the balance of power. No majority. The three parties have to compromise and cooperate to rule.

          • It would be nice if the narrative changed. A minority government would shake things up but I see the headlines now, “BC faces years of uncertainty as voter reject jobs message.” ‘BC economy tanks a Liberals fail to get a majority.’ ‘Housing market crashes as people flee the socialist hoard.’ Puril, purely peril.

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