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This is just a list of my favorite websites relating to Off The Grid living.  Feel free to suggest any you feel I am missing.

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    • Yes, we do. But the more remote you are, the less your taxes are because you basically get very little. Ours are about $500-600 a year. But there are no amenities, of course.

  1. where is a good place to find PRICES on crown land?

    I cant believe the whole of bc or Van isle for that matter can be all bought up?

    • It is next to impossible to buy crown land. And there is no need to anyway. There is plenty of land for sale and only half of it is listed. Or maybe it is listed but not by a realtor doing anything. Ed Hanje is likely the best – he works the coast, has a plane, does a good job and knows what’s what. But even Ed doesn’t know the area around me as well as I do and I know of several pieces not listed. And that kind of local knowledge is relevant everywhere. If it is not half, then 30% of land for sale is NOT listed.
      “So, what should I do?” Firstly, figure out what area you want to be in….by say, a few miles or even more. Then look at the listings for that area. But, after that, you really MUST visit the area before even bothering to look at a property. “Why?” Well, some places face North. That may be good if you like shadows but most people want south-facing so that they can grow a garden and not get suicidal. Fresh water is not always easily accessed. You can collect rain water (we have plenty) but that is a ‘system’ to be installed and factored in. And so it goes.
      Don’t let your budget influence your effort as much as it would in the city. Deals can be made. 160 acres can be shared. The way people think of real estate in the city is not the way people think of it in the country. I could spend $100K on a half acre lot or get 40 acres of land….or more……it is just NOT the way it is down here in the city.
      Honestly? There is much to choose from. “Why?” Because the back-to-the-landers don’t need 160 acres anymore. Because some country mice are being lured to the city. Because young people are NOT buying rural. And on and on.

      • We contacted Ed H during our search. Never met the guy. He simply sent us out to various properties we asked to see and paid the large water taxi costs ourselves. Try lanquest or a local island realtor. PS we are on an island neighbouring David’s island. Just read his book and LOVED it… all sounded sooooo familiar since we are also boat access and OTG! Dave, will be contacting you soon, if I may?

          • Also, David is correct: lots of cheap land for sale. Pick a possible area and go there. If there are listings, arrange to see them, but be sure to travel around and look. Ask the locals who’s maybe selling, too. We looked for three years and it was all part of the journey. I wrote about it in the old Cottage Magazine a few years back.

  2. Guessing that these two bought their land.

    It’s generational because there is no more getting crown land and everything else is unaffordable. One generation gets it and the next gets to pay for it….

    • Yes. We did. Bought in the 70’s during the back-to-the-land movement but weren’t inclined then to actually go back. Re-discovered it at 50 and was blown away at our good fortune. It was like a lottery win. But properties OTG have fallen like gas prices and so there are tons of good places for sale quite cheap. No window has been closed.

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