Island Home Gallery

[img src=]David is carving an orca for the new studio decor
[img src=]New deck and partially completed studio
[img src=]Wall of new studio
[img src=]Barge with Captain Tom at the helm dropping off freight
[img src=]Sally installing cedar shingles on the front wall of the studio
[img src=]Sally working on the front wall of the studio
[img src=]Brian and our daughter Emily get engaged on the point by the Inushtuk!
[img src=]David poses in front of new studio
[img src=]David is cutting up an old fish pen to make a ramp.
[img src=]Our cool and peaceful bedroom
[img src=]The first wall of the studio goes up
[img src=]A pod of killer whales in the channel out front
[img src=]David working on the funicular track
[img src=]The boatshed where we lived for a year and a half
[img src=]Sunset view from the house
[img src=]Ecologically correct dryer
[img src=]Cooking in the boathouse where we lived while building
[img src=]Winter view
[img src=]Looking through the dining are to the kitchen of our house
[img src=]Our neighbour's dock with David in front of our original boat - Freelance
[img src=]Sally dressed for winter boating
[img src=]Jack, Liz and offspring
[img src=]A paddle David has painted
[img src=]Fiddich looks out over the approach we were building for the new ramp
[img src=]Sally bringing in a small load of lumber in her 11 1/2' Boston Whaler
[img src=]Eagle drying its wings
[img src=]Foundation made of found materials - stones from the site and logs from the sea
[img src=]Wasabi on the hard in the 'lagoon' for yearly maintenance
[img src=]David's famous sushi
[img src=]Traditional cedar canoe bailer made by Sally
[img src=]Fiddich - dude with attitude
[img src=]Funicular cart going up the hill full of gear
[img src=]Funicular at work
[img src=]Generator installed - shed now built around it
[img src=]House in silhouette (photo by R. Cole)
[img src=]David towing the water cistern home
[img src=]John and David unloading the IKEA kitchen
[img src=]David installing kitchen counters (recycled fir)
[img src=]Sally sanding floor (recycled fir)
[img src=]Woodshed partially built
[img src=]Boatshed kitchen
[img src=]Island in the fog
[img src=]Pawprint in the snow
[img src=]Dock at Surge Narrows with floating Post Office and freight shed
[img src=]Prawns caught out front of our house in the channel
[img src=]David ready to find a Christmas tree
[img src=]Humpback whale in the channel
[img src=]Max, Friend, David and Bill -- uurr! uurr!
[img src=]Sharon, Jin and Winson doing the dinner dishes
[img src=]Forest Photo thanks to Judy and Trevor (I think)
[img src=]Seastar
[img src=]Cherries in Laurie's Garden
[img src=]Dinner with Erica and Chinese University Students
[img src=]Kayaking - Megan on Sally's lap
[img src=]Kitchen
[img src=]Our Living Area
[img src=]John and David loading Sheer Point
[img src=]Main Road
[img src=]Kayakers at Sunset
[img src=]Marigolds in December
[img src=]Fiddich waiting for us to finish working
[img src=]Neighbourhood parking lot
[img src=]High tide in winter has lifted logs and debris off the beaches
[img src=]Green tomatoe chutney
[img src=]Rachel, Roger and David model traditional island headgear made by R&R
[img src=]Ferry to Cortes
[img src=]The birdfeeder has a tenant
[img src=]Sally installing strapping on the woodshed roof
[img src=]English wwoofers
[img src=]Guests arriving for dinner
[img src=]Day 8 of 9 moving days
[img src=]Taking gear down to the boat
[img src=]Merlin and David framing up the generator shed
[img src=]Sally with dogs on a blustery November day
[img src=]Just another sunset
[img src=]Orcas just off our beach
[img src=]Signpost made by neighbour John
[img src=]Yet another sunset
[img src=]Brian taking student visitors for a paddle
[img src=]Doug with the student visitors he has taken to tour the area
[img src=]Studio under construction with temporary scaffolding
[img src=]Studio under construction
[img src=]Sally in front of new studio
[img src=]Dog nirvana
[img src=]David cutting up an old fish pen to make a ramp
[img src=]Setting up the 'pull-toy' to drag the ramp into place
[img src=]Nephew James helping to install wpod floors
[img src=]Fran and Ben
[img src=]Doug and David enjoying martinis in the boathouse
[img src=]Family portrait
[img src=]Herbs from the garden
[img src=]Shortcut Pass
[img src=]Siemens motor controller for the funicular
[img src=]The woodshed in the snow
[img src=]Moving the stove
[img src=]Using the crane to take the Surf out of the water for repair
[img src=]The layered look
[img src=]David on Wasabi
[img src=]David using the old winch to bring up logs
[img src=]Woodstove (Photo by S. Cole)